मौत के मुँह पर
बची-खुची-सी ज़िंदगियों का
एक ज़ोर का तमाचा…
बस वो ही तो अच्छा था…

बहुत कुछ था खोया था
ज़िंदगी ने उस दिन
जो कुछ भी पास रह गया…
बस वो ही तो अच्छा था….

झिलमिलाते सितारे
सपनों भरी आंँखों के
कुछ जो आसमां के न हुए…
बस वो ही तो अच्छा था…..

हम सबके नौनिहाल
वो गए थे खिलखिलाते
कुछ जो लौटकर आ सके…
बस वो ही तो अच्छा था…..

चहक गई ! रौनक न रही!
उमंग जली परिवारों की
जीवन जो स्वाहा न होता
तो ही कुछ अच्छा था….



16 thoughts on “#हादसा

    1. wow that is very tragic, i didn’t realize that at first. I definitely feel for those young students and teh communities affected — they were the future. It’s too many young lives gone too soon because of senseless things like this.

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      1. I’m glad you told me and put it into perspective for me, because the last thing I wanted was to appear insensitive to something so serious.

        And sorry it took a while for me to respond — usually, when I leave wordpress I don’t come back on until early the next morning or so.

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      2. Wow that is marvelous, it is admirable to meet someone who is so passionate about the life we share. There are some bad things, but there is also some good things hahaha

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  1. hello my friend. I didn’t know your language well so I used google translate, and this is how it reads in English:

    “On the face of death
    A slapstick …
    Just that was good …

    Had lost a lot
    Life that day
    Whatever remained nearby …
    Just that was good ….

    Shy stars
    Dreamy eyes
    Something that has not happened …
    Just that was good … ..

    All of us Nonihaal (Children)
    They were gone
    Some who can come back …
    Just that was good … ..

    Smiile has gone!
    Many families lost their funful life forever !
    Life remained without Swaha(Burnt)
    That was only good ….👍


    It is a wonderful passage and i’m glad you made it. And I would like to thank you also for checking out my material and subscribing to me — I love all of my supporters. A message cannot enlighten without people to share it with.

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